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The Doctor and Owner of Back Country Chiropractic

Dr. Jennifer Wells Chiropractor Norco California 92860

Dr. Jennifer Wells, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Wells has over 27 years experience working with chiropractic patients. She graduated in December 1994 from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. She comes from a family of healthcare providers including her father who was an Optometry Doctor, her mother who was a Registered Nurse, and her identical twin sister who is also a chiropractor in Orange County and owns Health Connection of Tustin. Dr. Wells was a chiropractic patient in her teenage years due to sports injuries from volleyball and softball and utilized chiropractic therapy after sustaining a work-injury as well as a serious fall off a horse in her late teens. She, herself, uses chiropractic adjustments in addition to massage and stretching and core exercises to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

She is an active member of the community and participates in many of it's horse-related events including parades and competitions on her handsome recued Haflinger mule, Jester, and her former gorgeous Haflinger Horse, Manny. She is an equine enthusiast and currently owns two show mules: Jester and Stella with whom she participates in all types of disciplines including: Trail, Western Pleasure, Western Dressage and English Pleasure. She enjoys the challenge of the relationship and sensitivity of the mules for they demand respect and kindness... which are traits she feels are important to give and receive even as humans. She also enjoys spending time with her significant other Derrick and their 4 Standard Poodles who are all certified therpay dogs and participate in many events and therapy work to include: hospitals, assisted living, memory care units, pediatric and autistic children programs, women's prison, and mental health care facilities. They also are fan favorites in print and advertising work: follow them on @Poodiful_Day on Instagram! Hopefully one day we can bring back the therapy dog day at Back Country Chiropractic office post Covid...

Dr. Wells has worked in some of the busiest chiropractic offices in the Inland Empire since graduation. She then went on to work on her own in various offices until opening her own practice 16 years later when she designed and built her "dream practice" here in Norco in 2011. She has a vast experience working with many patient's of all ages and conditions. She has applied all that she has learned in her education and work experience to develop techniques that are safe, effective and comfortable. As she is aging, she is taking more of a mentorship role and managment role in the practice and enjoys passing on her knowledge and adjusting techniques to her upcoming associate doctors.

What sets Dr. Wells apart is that she cares about you from a perspective that she feels is lost among most healthcare practitioners-- she will treat you like she is caring for a family member. Once you become a part of our Back Country Chiropractic "family", you will appreciate the love, care and concern Dr. Wells and her Associate Doctors and Staff bestow on their patients.

Dr. Jennifer Wells Chiropractor Norco California 92860